Migration to MIFARE DESFire

It's time to say goodbye to outdated access badges and readers and switch to the new, secure technology of MIFARE DESFire.
Old badges today can be copied with the állmost ease, allowing malicious individuals with an identical copy of an existing badge to walk into your business in broad daylight, just through the back door.

Below we show you how easy it is to copy a badge.
And when that happens, the consequences are incalculable.

Time for change!

An investment in cybersecurity makes no sense if your access control is not safe

  • Your Cybersecurity is connected to physical access control. According to official reports (including from the FBI), many cybercriminals use the physical front door to install ransomware/cryptolockers on the network. Think of USB flash drives plugged into the network. This is a huge risk.

    The recent examples of ransomware at government agencies and all kinds of businesses in the media demonstrate this. When this happens, it costs handfuls of money and reputational damage.

  • Security breaches - people with bad intentions can just walk in on critical areas of the corporate building.

  • Compliancy problems. Many companies must legally adhere to strict security standards. With outdated access control technology, you no longer meet these standards.
  • Loss of staff trust. When a badge is copied, IT can usually figure out which person is linked to the badge. This allows them to see who entered somewhere and when. In this case, the unsuspecting employee will (initially) be blamed.

 " Employees have their own badge that they use to get in. And this has been going well for years, in the same way. Why change now? " is a common statement when the subject comes up.
And there is, unfortunately, a dangerous fallacy in that.
A mistake that can lead to irreparable damage and much unnecessary suffering....

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